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Lucas Simons

At the age of thirty Lucas set up Utz Certified, currently the largest certification program for sustainable coffee, cocoa and other agri-commodities. Later he founded NewForesight, a strategic consultancy company dedicated to turn the global sustainability challenges into market opportunities. And SCOPEinsight, a business intelligence company dedicated to set the world standard for making Farmer Organizations more professional.

“If you want a different outcome, you have to change the rules of the Game”

Through his work he has been active for almost 20 years in over 16 different sectors and markets and he is the trusted advisor of many of the top Trade and Industry in Food and Agriculture, Governments, NGOs and leading Multilateral Organisations.
Lucas Simons is an International recognised though leader on systems change and sustainable market transformation, a public speaker, master facilitator, trainer, lecturer at business schools and author of the successful books ‘Changing the Food Game’ and ‘Changing the Game’.
For his impactful work and achievements he was honoured by the Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and he was named Ashoka Fellow for being a systemic Change Maker moreover he was named 6 times in the top 100 most influential sustainable thought leaders of the Netherlands.